Private loans up to USD 500,000 – Best interest rate from 24 banks

You must be at least 18 years of age and have a fixed income of over USD 10,000 / month to be able to apply for a loan. A summay is on

The loan you are applying for may not be used to acquire or retain a home.

If you meet the requirements, you can apply for loans between USD 10,000 – 500,000. Loan and Credit will contact you when we have received a response from the lenders with whom we cooperate, normally we will hear from you within 24 hours.

When registering a co-borrower


You are responsible for ensuring that the co-borrower also takes note of and approves all information on this page.

Before applying for a loan, it is important that you look at your finances by, for example, make a budget. Use the Consumer Agency’s tools to make a budget calculation.

In connection with the brokerage, a credit report is made on you at UC AB. Once the credit check has been completed, all lenders that Loan and Credit has partnered with can use our credit report to retrieve information, this is followed up by a letter to you explaining that the lenders have searched you but it is still only our credit report that is registered on your number. In other words, only one request will be registered on you even though several lenders may access the information.

Information, calculations and recommendations provided by Loan and Credit should only be considered as indicative proposals. It is up to you to evaluate and verify the information we provide about our partners’ offers.

Agreements that you sign with banks, lenders and other companies Loan and Credit cooperates with is an agreement between you and the bank / lender / company. Loan and Credit is not responsible for any damage or loss that arises because you choose to enter into, or refrain from entering into, an agreement with any of the companies with which we partner.

Club Loan and Credit

Club Loan and Credit

When you make a loan application through Loan and Credit you simultaneously become a member of our customer club Club Loan and Credit. As a club member, your information is stored and processed by Loan and Credit and you may be contacted in the future to get information about current and future services and offers.

To leave Club Loan and Credit, send an email to info@Loan and and announce that you no longer wish to be a member and provide telephone numbers and / or e-mail addresses.