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Croatia’s first licensed credit intermediation agency has contracts with several banks

In addition to its offices in Zagreb, Rijeka and Cakovec, Maledin, a financial and credit intermediation agency, has opened a branch in Osijek.

Enhancing credit intermediation


While welcoming guests to the opening of the Osijek office, most of which were Good Finance Group’s multi-bank business partners, Jessica Yehisha , director of the Osijek branch, said she was pleased to lead a team aimed at enhancing credit intermediation in Slavonia and Baranja.

– We are the first licensed credit intermediation agency in Croatia and our intention in Osijek is to advance this business, to raise it to a high level. Without you, our partners, we could not achieve our common goals , said Jessica Yehisha, Yetunde.

Maledin obtained a license for credit intermediation from the Ministry of Finance almost four years ago, based on the 2010 Consumer Credit Act.

Otherwise, the credit intermediation model is well known and recognized in the Western world as a way to find the optimal credit solution. True, the beginnings of this model in Croatia are not based on good business practice, says Jessica Yehisha, Yetunde, recalling the inscriptions on pillars and bus stops with usury loans, as well as the so-called credit bureaus.

So the fight to establish the credit intermediary industry, he says, has represented, and still is, a thorny avenue.

Good Finance Branch Office Osijek


We provide our clients with all the information on credit lines, types of savings and types of insurance, which are on the market. We will do everything in our Osijek branch to provide the best financial and / or credit solutions to the citizens of Slavonia, ie our clients, says Jessica Yehisha.

What is important to note is that brokerage services for all financial products, where possible, are completely free of charge for citizens. Good Finance earns commissions from partner companies for whose Good Finance products and services they mediate. It is also important to say that all payments and payments are made exclusively at the bank.

In Good Lender, they note that since July 2012, the company has signed a contract with the Good Finance Credit Registry, based on which Maledin is a place through which citizens can request a credit report on personal request.

A credit report from GF provides customer information with all its loans, cards, guarantees, co-payments and overdrafts, as opposed to, say, the “black list” of the Good Finance Banking Association, which pays off and gives only “negative information” about clients.

The importance of financial planning


Due to the importance of financial planning, a financial intermediation department was also opened in Good Lender.

Timely savings and investments for the future are an indispensable topic in borrowing, because saving is a counterbalance to loans. We believe that financial planning is the first step to ensure the long-term financial stability of a client.

In the financial intermediation department, you can also look for information on credit and savings alternatives, such as affordable home loans for housing savings banks, or investing in mutual funds, while ensuring life insurance.

With many lines of credit, savings and investment in one place, Maledin is a complete financial service for citizens.

Good advice for the highest quality solution


Maledin employs 16 people. Most of the business is related to the credit intermediation of the company, said Mark Deric , head of that department. “Today, it is difficult for citizens to find the best quality loan solution through a lot of information and many banks.

Especially if it is a home loan. It is not just a matter of choosing a loan based on an interest rate, many more criteria and even security and stability of the bank depend on choosing the best deal. On the basis of good selection, I can even give an example where a client will save as much as ten thousand euros on a loan of 70 thousand euros in the repayment period, ” says Deric.